How Does Content Marketing For Small Businesses Work?

Several days ago I met a friend who asked me how content marketing works for small businesses. I clearly explained that it is a useful technique for all kinds of companies and that I would gladly give you a brief explanation.

What is Needed For Content Marketing?

You need to have a website and the possibility to create a section like a blog or a section that in some cases is called news, news or any one-word name. The success of content marketing is that the content lives on your website. Not on your brand’s social media. Social networks play a complementary role and serve what we call content distribution.

If you are interested in delving into this concept, I invite you to enter the following link that explains what the distribution or amplification of content means.(ADD ANY INDIAN BLOGGER WITH RELATED TOPIC)

Why Should it be the one Word Section?

Because the success of a good content marketing strategy lies in SEO. If you want to know what SEO is, enter the following link that explains the definition of SEO. (ADD INDIAN BLOGGER LINK WITH RELATED TOPIC)
For SEO, it is essential that the URL is not long (no more than 90 characters), and if it has more than 1 word, the URL will be really long every time you create and upload a piece of content.

What is SEO?

It is the technique that allows your site to appear in the search engines, in the part where it is not paid.

As you can see, it is the part where you achieve 62% of clicks, as opposed to 2.8% of adwords campaigns.

Is Content Marketing Effective?

The idea of content marketing is that each brand or company learns to create educational and valuable content for its potential clients.

Once you create that content, the idea is for search engines to detect it and put it in the search results (without paying GOOGLE BING OR ANY SEARCH ENGINE).

While search engines do it, the idea is to reach more potential customers who do not know you, through what we talked about previously and what we call distribution (this concept refers to promoting content through social networks , newsletter , or through native advertising , among others).

Once you do, potential customers will get interested in those items and end up coming to your website.

This is another point that you should consider so that you understand how content marketing works.

Once they reach your website, you must put incentives on them to get them to do what you need (a purchase, a download, etc. etc.)

These incentives must be placed in the lateral or lower spaces of your text. There you can place banners, buttons, as if your website were a medium.

The concept is precisely that. Turn your brand into a medium.

How do I Start Producing Content for my Website?

Don’t think about developing content without doing a keyword analysis and defining the buyer persona.

This is the most important starting point. You never create content by intuition.

Always validate the number of searches for a certain topic, so as not to fall into the error of creating content that your consumers will never read.

This occurs when the theme you developed is not interesting for them. If you want to understand this concept, enter the following link that explains the definition of keyword analysis. (ADD ANY BLOGGER LINK RELATED TO TOPIC)

What does it Mean to Analyse Keywords?

It refers to the fact that one should analyze on which themes the content should be developed.

For that analysis, Google has a platform called Keyword Planner, and there are others such as SEMRUSH, MOZ, AHREFS , among many others.

These platforms will be able to help you, and you will be able to know how many people are looking for a particular topic.

If there are few people looking for this topic, do not think about doing it, because few people will come to your website. If you want to go deeper into this topic, I recommend that you know this text that explains the roi of content marketing.

What does the Buyer Persona mean?

The buyer persona is the consumer archetype that you want to reach your website.

The idea is that you make content that is interesting for him or them. Do not think about developing more than 4 buyer persona for your company or brand. For each buyer you will have to develop enough content to attract it to your website.

Should I Make Content About my Company or Brand?

No, the idea is that you make content to make your client’s life easier. This implies that you must make content on topics that are not relevant to you, but are relevant to your client. As an example If you look at this blog of the Mitsubishi brand, you will see that despite being a company that sells vehicles, it does not necessarily talk about them.

If you analyze this website site called www…com (need to add link with some research), the content is not related to the brand, but to solutions for its potential consumers.

The reason for this is that the idea is to capture the attention of consumers with content relevant to them.

Once I understand how content marketing works, and customers come to my website, how do I get them to know my product or how do I sell them what I need?

As you can see, little by little we are going deeper so that you understand how content marketing works.

As I mentioned earlier, the content being developed should be educational or valuable to potential clients. Remember that the idea is that once they reach your website, place banners or advertising buttons around the content.

Two cases where you can understand this are those of 2 major retailers.

The first case is this exclusive member of Mediavine Food blog called www.

In this blog you can see the handling of the so-called call to action in the lateral spaces of each text.

The second case is from another major retailer called www…com .(need to add another website)

In this case, if you look at the objective is to retain the brand’s audience around content of value to them.

Remember that you will always have the lateral or lower spaces to promote what you want or need.

However, don’t forget that if they are already on your website, you can incentivize them to get to know your company or brand.

If I need Contacts (leads) How Can I Achieve it?

To understand how content marketing works, you must consider that the objectives you have will define the formats you should use. If what you need are leads, we recommend that you use formats such as e-books, guides, lists, webinars, among others. (include links of Indian blogger communities) It uses formats that force people to register to access this information. When they sign up, you will have gained leads.

Is a lead more Expensive for Content than for Advertising?

We tell you that the cost of a lead for content is much cheaper than for advertising.

Theories say that the cost is on average 62% cheaper than advertising. We have cases where it can be 95% cheaper.

Is a Visitor more Expensive for Content than for Advertising?

The cost of a visitor for content can be up to 99% cheaper than for paid advertising (adwords or Facebook ads).

Once I understand how content marketing works, can I know if it is expensive to produce content?

So far I hope you have understood how content marketing works for companies.

If you have to hire someone to make content for you, the cost can be high. However, there are companies like BloggingPass that can help you.

At BloggingPass there are more than 10+ registered content providers, of which just over 6+ are text providers . The rest are providers of Audio, Video, Photography, Translations and Design such as infographics and illustrations.

Please note that an article on BloggingPass starts from $ 20, and is produced by specialized people.The more experience and length the more expensive it is.

To give you an idea, a plan of 4 articles per month of 250 to 500 words, prepared by an editor with more than 3 years of experience can cost you $ 156 dollars.

If you analyze it is very affordable for any type of company. If you want to buy a single item you can do it to try everything we have taught you. There is no minimum quantity.

If you want to try the BloggingPass platform, enter here and we will give you details to do it.

In Addition to the Content, What Other Costs Should I Consider?

To understand how content marketing works, we cannot leave out the so-called distribution, which is essential.

Consider an additional $ 20 or $ 30 per piece of content for advertising each piece of content. To distribute content, we recommend that you use native advertising. If you want to go deeper, enter this text that explains what native advertising is .(need to add related blog links)

Possibly if you do not know SEO, it can cost you money to get an agency or person to help you with it. If you want to learn, a SEO course (add links of blogger related topic) is worth $.

To start if you have the site in WordPress, I recommend you install YOAST. This plugin will help you upload content with the necessary conditions for search engines to recognize you.

Understanding how content marketing works and the associated costs:

  • The production of content
  • The distribution
  • SEO

BloggingPass helps you with the strategy, creation and distribution of content.

How to know if Content Marketing is Working?

There are several ways to measure it, but my recommendation is that you learn how to use the Google Search Console. This platform is free, and shows you how it is indexing your content. Indexing refers to showing up unpaid on Google.

As you can see in the following print screen you must enter through the Search Analytics section. There you will clearly see how the evolution of indexing is in terms of clicks, organic impressions, among others.

Steps to Understand How Content Marketing Works:

  •  Define the buyer persona.
  •  Define the Objectives.
  •  Define the formats to be produced.
  •  Do the analysis of the keywords on which you will make the content.
  •  Create the content with SEO techniques. If you want to understand more, read this article (related blogger links) that will help you.
  •  Distribute the content and post it on your social networks.
  •  Measure through the search console.

We hope that with all this explanation you have understood how content marketing works and are encouraged to start!