17+ Key Benefits of Content Marketing | A Definitive Guide

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned Digital Marketing entrepreneur, the benefits of Content Marketing are plentiful. But the question is content marketing really works?

Today, Content Marketing and Natural Referencing or you can say (SEO) are closely related Digital Marketing activities. 

If you regularly publish quality content, you increase your visibility on the Internet and naturally, you generate new customers.

Indeed, every second, thousands of contents are published on the Internet. So posting your own content regularly is one way to stay in the game.

What is Content Marketing

As a reminder, content marketing is a big part by its own, we try to cover another post with details. Here is a short definition of Content Marketing:

Content Marketing brings together the marketing practices which consist for a company to publish on the Internet useful or entertaining content available to customers or prospects for the purposes of prospecting, loyalty and image.

And as an example, I’ll rely on TrickBlogger.

Remember that at TrickBlogger.Com, we practice what we advise.

For several years, I regularly publish articles per week on Digital Marketing, a sector with many competitors.

I “just” try to publish more educational content than what you can find on the web.

I have not invested in any advertising campaign till now, except a few bucks here and there to teach myself how to use these online platform digital marketing world.

For those who still have doubts about the leverage effectiveness of Digital Marketing, I will try to list some benefits of Content Marketing.

Most of these benefits should be obvious to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business on the Internet.

Benefits of Content Marketing

 1. Increase the Visibility of Your Business

 Your prospects and customers query Google several times a day.

So you have to realize that every page on your website is a potential way to make your business stand out.

Well, that’s the principle of Content Marketing too. Each content is an additional web page. It will also bring some visibility to your business website.

Let’s do some simple math to understand the scenario, if your website each page attracts an average of 10 visits per month, the traffic generated by 200 pages is 2000 visits per month. That’s so many potential prospects every month!

Obviously it depends on how they are ranked by the search engines. This is where search engine optimization (or SEO) comes into play.

Don’t panic, just by following the instructions of the Yoast extension , you are surely already doing better than your competitors.

2. Improve the Natural Referencing of Your Company’s Website

With more content, you are more likely to appear on search engine results pages.

It is mainly the way to target more keywords.

Indeed, each content can be designed for a given problem and therefore for a key phrase.

Of course, you will unknowingly practice the tactic that Digital Marketing experts call “the long tail keyword”, in my terms I did a different name “keywords with detailed query”

3. Increase the Presence Time on Your Business Website

The more content you publish, the more your site positions itself as a reliable resource.

You will also be able to link all these contents together. Internet users will move from page to page. And naturally, your visitors will spend more time on your site.

And if someone stays on your business website for a long time, they’re going to feel good about you.

Not to mention that the time spent on your website shows Google that you publish interesting content for your target audience.

As a result, it will raise your content in its ranking.

4. Show Your Expertise

Re-read the previous questions on my example on Content marketing.

Each title of this content is a showcase of your expertise.

It’s the equivalent of a doctor’s white coat and stethoscope.

This naturally shows your knowledge. And if your content “speaks” well to the Internet user, he or she will immediately trust you and he will be more inclined to contact you.

Obviously, it seems to work well in my example above with content marketing . But it’s easy to find that it works the same regardless of your type of business for both individuals and businesses.

And if you’re worried about not having ideas for writing your content, just put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Its sounds bad but true.

5. Transmit Your Passion

I hope you are passionate about your job like me.(But I am lazy also)

Publishing web content about your business is an effective way to convey this passion.

Indeed, if you are clearly enthusiastic about your favorite subject, your readers will easily sense it.

They will end up sharing that same passion with you. And it doesn’t take much for you to become an opinion leader in their eyes.

6. Become a Thought Leader

Regularly posting content is a quick way to become a thought leader on the Internet. Every successful blogger, content marketer, digital author do the exact same things again and again.

Indeed, the published content conveys your ideas about your profession. Not only are you helping your customers make better decisions,

But in addition, you can share your opinions on important news items in your industry. You appear de facto to be at the cutting edge of your expertise.

Your business blog is the perfect vehicle to appear as a thought leader in your market.

7. Prove Your Company’s Mission

It’s extremely easy to say that you want to help people solve such a problem.

But how many times have you really done it?

How do you go about it?

Your content is also evidence that brings your business mission to life.

All the quality information you publish is a real asset to show your customers how you actually go about solving their problem.

8. Have Freshly Published Content

Your readers will naturally favor recent information. That’s why posting up-to-date content regularly comes across as a sign of good health for your business.

In addition, among the 200 criteria used by Google Algorithm to classify search results, the “freshness” of the content is taken into account.

For example, between 2 equivalent content, yours published yesterday and that of one of your competitors published 6 months ago, Google tends to give more weight to yours.

If you check the big fish on the market you see the same theory they applied for their content marketing checklist. Like Brian Dean SEO

That’s why posting web content on a blog regularly helps your business stand out from the crowd with recent content.

9. Advise During Pre-Sales

Whatever your product or service offer, before placing an order, a customer needs to document your offer, your company.

This client is not looking for an aggressive sales pitch, but rather advice on the how and why.

Each of your content on the Web gives you the opportunity to answer these questions during this pre-sales phase.

10. Inform About Your Sector of Activity

Even more upstream, you can also use publish content intended to inform people about your industry. In this way, your company will position itself as the benchmark in your market.

Content marketing benefit my previous example have an interest in publishing statistics on the number of success full content marketing campaign and why not then transform this content into an info graphic with elaborate data that gives user or customer a clear overview.

As a result, a prospect who has read your articles and appreciated this relevant information about your industry will naturally turn to you when they are ready to order.

11. Start Conversations

Web content is also an easy way to start a conversation. Most of the time, this content is published on a blog.

If you want to start and blog and don’t know how to start then ,read this article below (Add how to start a 2020 link)

And on a blog, at the bottom of the article, there is always a comments area reserved for readers. This is also one of the differences between a page and an article in Word Press.

Your readers will therefore be able to react. So you will be able to answer them.

And, as long as you help them solve their problem, you retain your readers. In addition, a loyal reader forgets your competition in the long run. He goes directly to your site to seek his answer. And if he does not find it, given the quality of what he has read previously, he will contact you!

12. Encourage Reflection

Your customers will find they are not asking the right questions. Obviously, you are the expert, not them!

Your content is a great way to guide them to think carefully about their needs:

What are you doing differently from your competition?

What makes you unique?

These are underlying themes to evoke in your content that add added value while setting you apart from your competition.

13. Add a More Human Touch

Being professional is essential for all your Marketing content on your site or on your paper brochures.

However, whether you are targeting individuals (B2C) or professionals (B2B), web content allows for a more human touch. Your customers want to talk to human beings.

The experience of your readers is maximized in a “relaxed” atmosphere:

Brighten up your content with images,

Publish Stories – Digital Marketing Experts Are Talking About Storytelling.

Published Case Study or Even Success Story.

And the relaxed atmosphere is also a way to have fun at work.

14. Generate More Leads

Of course, generating leads is one of the many benefits of Content Marketing.

Businesses that regularly publish web content generate up to 67% more leads than those that don’t, according to Hubspot.

It’s easy to see why?

Quite simply because there is more content online. And that it is your prospects who contact you, because they are already convinced by the contents of your publications.

This is the basic principle of Inbound Marketing (a barbaric term used by Digital Marketing experts which roughly describes what I am telling you in this article …hope you got the point.

15. Help your Salespeople

Your content on the Web will also make the work of your sales reps easier.

Not only are their prospects well aware of your expertise and solutions before contacting them,

But in addition, depending on the feedback that your salespeople give you, you will easily feed your list of topics to publish.

For example, you will be able to write an article on the “25 questions our customers ask us the most”. Post it on your business site and your sales reps can reference it with potential customers. Content posted on the Internet that is visible to everyone is often seen as more valuable than a one-on-one salesperson’s word in an office.

NB: Mostly this part works fine with both offline and online part ,but just online business model it don’t required because sales person are not working like offline business.

16. Gain Even more Visibility

Every time you publish an article on the Internet, you can’t tell in advance what is really going to happen.

But if Internet users find this useful content useful, they will share it on Facebook or LinkedIn, tweet it… Don’t forget to add social sharing buttons to make it easier for them.

The best thing is that they refer to it in one of their articles as I do some in this article too.

You are going to get what digital marketing experts call a backlink which is one of the most important criteria in Google’s ranking algorithm.

In short, the possibilities to give visibility to your business are endless even if they are not guaranteed.

17. Feed Your Social Networks and Your Newsletter

With quality content published regularly, it is easy to share it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any others social platform.

All your profiles on these different platforms will be constantly updated, which will further strengthen your credibility. Indeed, nothing is worse than having an empty LinkedIn Company Page.

I use some services for this . I give them a publication schedule on social networks and they will automatically take care of what is necessary at the times I have indicated.

In the same way, your content can feed your newsletter. This is what I do for Blogingpass.com weekly newsletter which is automatically generated by Mailchimp .

18. Control Your Costs

Publishing content on the web increases the visibility of your business website while improving its ranking in search engines.

Unlike specific SEO action or online advertising campaigns, web content has a low cost. And if you write your own articles, it only takes a bit of your time. You can also hire a freelance copywriter for a affordbale rate.

The positive effects generated by your online content last over time. Unlike advertising campaigns which no longer take effect as soon as you stop investing, your articles attract leads even if you temporarily stop publishing.

Conclusion on the 17 + Key Benefits of Content Marketing

If your business does not yet practice Content Marketing, you must ask yourself why?

Is your business not seeing the benefits of regularly posting about its business?

What if your business maintains a blog, are you making the most of it?

Publishing new, quality content on a regular basis is essential to take advantage of what Digital Marketing can offer you.

Finally, these 17 plus advantages can finally be classified into 4 main categories:

  1. Gain visibility,
  2. Show your expertise,
  3. Provide information to your prospects,
  4. Generate inbound calls and facilitate sales.

And as a first approximation, as it is good for Internet users, it is also good for Google and therefore the natural referencing of your company’s website should improve. One stone, two birds… all for a minimalist budget!

And if you’re ready to go, set a good release schedule and always prioritize quality over quantity.

To Sum Up in 3 Questions

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing technique that consists of writing regularly and promoting quality web content that is relevant to your target. 

The objective is to attract and acquire this audience by supplying it with this quality content. At the risk of repeating myself, the keyword here is ‘quality content’.

Why is Content Marketing important to your business?

Content Marketing helps improve conversions. Indeed, it allows you to connect with your prospects and customers while informing them about your industry. 

Not only do you build trust, but you also encourage conversions by giving consumers the information they need to make an informed buying decision.

Is Content Marketing Effective?

Content Marketing costs less than online advertising campaigns and generates more than 3 times more leads. In addition, Content Marketing is rather easy to practice and very popular with Internet users.

Final Note

17 plus key benefits of content marketing advantages is a lot, not enough? Are there any to delete, to add? Most importantly, does your business have a blog to regularly post content on? How fast?

Then feel free to write a comment I will try to collaborate with your thought as soon as I get the notification. (This is also a content marketing benefit).J